Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life, Kindergarten, & Sam's Club

I'm not going to apologize for being a bad blogger. I've been one, but life has gotten in the way. I can't apologize for life getting in the way, life should get in the way & that's that. One of the reasons I haven't update lately is due to the fact that I haven't felt 100%. I've been suffering from labyrinthitis. An inflammation/irritation in the inner ear that causes vertigo. This is not fun. So let me catch you up on what has been going on in our world.

School starts in a little over a week!! AHH!! It seems the past 5 years have flown by. Soon, my baby (My 5 year old baby. Yes, my oldest is still my baby.) will start Kindergarten! She did so well in Pre-school, I know she will do great & make a ton of friends in Kindergarten. I'm just a bit nervous about her being in school all day, five days a week.

Our boys are 10 months today. As I'm sending one little one to Kindergarten, I am continuously reminded how fast time flies by, I can't believe my babies will be 1 soon! Okay, before Mommy get's all nostalgic, let's rewind a bit. Due to the fact that I've been so horrible at updating, we missed the 9 month check up stats. Here they are:
Brayden: weight: 18lbs 0.5oz - 10-25th percentile
height: 28.5 inches - 50th percentile
5 teeth
Aaron: weight: 18lbs 12ox - 25th percentile
height: 28.75 inches - 50th percentile
6 teeth

Both boys are doing well. Brayden recovered perfectly after his surgery. Aaron is standing on his own & has started taking a few steps (as long as his Mommy or Mimi are in front of him). Brayden just started standing on his own, thanks to his Poppa's help today. Aaron is proving to be the brute of the two brothers. He certainly crawls over & tackles his little (but two minutes older) brother.

Payton & her Poppa (he didn't get a bad dye job, it's fake hair in that hat)

Shopping today at Sam's Club with Mimi & Mommy

What happens when twins attack! :)

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