Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to school

My oldest baby started Kindergarten last week. I can't believe how fast the past 5 years have just flown by! She seems so grown up. One week in & she loves it. I was a little worried since this was a different school than her pre-school & she would be riding the bus. Okay, so I was a lot worried. She really enjoys riding the bus with the "big kids" & it's certainly easier than getting the twins ready & driving her to and from school. In our district, kindergarten is all day, every day. This can be hard on some little ones. Payton is so very active, more active than I can keep up with, I think this is good for her. It's definitely takes a toll on her though. We get no argument from her when it comes to bedtime & she's asleep within 5-10 minutes of her head hitting the pillow. Overall, I think she will do great this year.

The boys are almost 11 months old. Both boys are standing on their own. Aaron has started to take a few steps. Recently, their grandma bought them a walk behind toy, so I'm sure they will both be running in no time. Brayden has 5 teeth & Aaron has 8. Their little smiles are just incredible! Aaron has been clapping & playing patty cake for a few weeks, Brayden just started clapping today. Once he started, you couldn't stop him. He clapped nonstop for literally 5 minutes straight. They definitely know how to make their Momma laugh.

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