Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Baby Boys are One!!!!

While I've been busy slacking off at blogging, my baby boys turned one year old!! This year has just flown by! I should have posted this on their birthday, but like I said, I was busy slacking off & wanted to wait until they had their one year appointment with their pediatrician so I could share some stats. Both boys are walking & talking. Aaron has just started putting his toy phone to his ear & saying "Hi", he & Brayden both love to say "Ut Oh".

Baby A - Brayden
October 25th 2008 - 5lbs 5oz 18inches
October 25th 2009 - 20lbs 15oz 30.5 inches
Baby B -Aaron
October 25th 2008 - 5lbs 10oz 18inches
October 25th 2009 - 21lbs 2oz 31 inches

While in line to check out at the pediatrician (they were VERY busy), in front of me stood a mother of 2 week old boy/girl twins. I could see the love in her eyes, she hasn't quite hit the exhausted stage just yet, she'll be there soon. Then stood myself with my one year old twins crawling all over myself & their Mimi (my mom who came to help...thanks Mom!!), behind me stood a mom of four year old twin boys. It was very neat to see, but at that moment, I saw where I was almost exactly a year ago, where I am now, & where I will be in 3 years. It was a sad, proud, & excited/scared moment all at the same time. Oh, by the way, the four year old twin boys were seeing the doctor because they'd been fighting with each other, one had a blood shirt, the other a fat lip. I left thinking, my boys will never do that...haha!!
Anyway, on to the fun part.......the birthday party pictures!! We really didn't have a theme for their party, it was pretty laid back, small with just immediate family. The boys had sports theme cakes, they loved tearing into them!!

Playing with Thomas the Train

Aaron's smash cake is the football & Brayden's is the baseball
Brayden loved his cake

I want to taste yours!

Aaron demolished his cake
Thank you boys for the most challenging, crazy, sleep deprived, happiest year of my life. I wasn't sure I could get through this year, but with the help of our family & Payton (Mommy's helper), we did it. We love you boys & we can't wait for many more birthday's to come!!!

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