Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been 455 days since my last post. A lot has happened in 455 days. Obviously, all three kids have aged another year & I have hit the "30" milestone. I've become a single mom, I went back to work, & moved home to be near my family. A lot accomplished in 455 days!!

The last 422 days have been an incredible learning experience (the 33 days leading up to those were not eventful). 422 days ago I decided that my three amazing children deserve a happy momma. In order to be a happy momma, I needed to go at it alone (hence, the "single mom" reference above). So here I am, I'm no longer a Stay At Home Mom, 292 days ago I went back to work & 213 days ago we moved into our new home.

Adjustments have been made, many things have changed, but honestly, life could not be better than it is at this moment. I cannot promise that you will see another post from me within the next 455 days......you never know, I could surprise you, either way, I wanted to post something so that my millions of followers could see that we are all doing well. You could follow me on Twitter, but I can almost guarantee that no updates will be seen there.

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