Friday, May 1, 2009

Six month check up

The boys turned six months old on April 25th & today was their six month check up. Both boys are teething, I'm thinking that their first tooth will be breaking through within the next week. Apparently, identical twins teeth at the exact same time. Please tell me again how lucky I am!?

Although I have taken the boys to the doctor without the help of anyone before, today was the first time I've taken them alone when they've gotten shots (I am by the way, so proud of myself for how much I have taken all three kids out alone. This sounds like a simple feat, but with a 5 year old & two 6 month olds, it's not always easy). Both boys did so well, I think shots are always harder on Mom than on them. They are both troopers! It is certainly hard to console one baby while still keeping a hand on the other baby to make sure that he doesn't roll off of the table & get the next little guy ready for his shots. Your nurse was wonderful today, she really helped out.

So here are the stats: AJ is 15lbs 10oz, 26 1/4 inches tall & Brayden is 15lbs 5oz & is 26 1/2 inches tall.

Both boys have gained exactly 10lbs since birth & each time they've been weighed since birth they have been within 5ozs of each other. Very funny that they are growing at the exact same rate.

Tonight we took some silly pics, I had some fabric scraps so we made Rambo babies!! You get silly sometimes when you're stuck at home!! We sent these pictures to Daddy to show him how much fun we have at home! (Excuse my laundry in the background! ha)

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